The School Board defines the policies that govern the operation of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School and promotes the implementation of those policies. It shall also provide counsel and advice in the operation of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School.


Standing Committees:

There are five Standing Committees that report to the School Board. They are: Safety and Facilities, Finance, Marketing, and Technology.



The School Board consists of six representatives from the participating parishes. Three from St. Dominic Parish and three in total from Holy Name of Jesus Parish and St. Clement Parish. There is one at-large member who is a practicing Roman Catholic, who is familiar with Catholic schools, and who is not a member of St. Dominic, Holy Name of Jesus or St. Clement Parishes. The pastor/administrator of each participating parishes serves as voting members of the board. The principal serves as a non-voting ex officio member.


Father Matthew WidderCorporation Director
Father Gideon BuyaAssociate Pastor
Dr. Stephanie NardiPrincipal
Michael BellMember
Dr. Mark BettagMember
Jennifer EnglishMember
Beatriz GarciaMember
Kate MillerMember
Karl NienhuisMember
Paul SchweiglMember