Our Facilities


Our gymnasium is equipped with a beautiful hardwood floor, six basketball hoops, and a full-length basketball court. We also have girls’ and boys’ locker rooms. We make use of our gym throughout the year with all grade levels in physical education classes. Students are also able to participate in athletics with junior cheerleading, volleyball, and basketball.

Library and Jo’s Room

Our library has nearly 11,000 books barcoded and available for student checkout. Our collection includes a large selection of fiction, as well as non-fiction with an emphasis on the sciences, history and social science. Our collections are constantly updated and expanded. Books are chosen for their educational or recreational value.

Visits to the library are weekly for grades 4K through five. Middle school students visit anytime as required by class projects or just the need for a good book. Students are also able to read or meet in small groups in Jo’s Room, a small room with a table and comfortable seating, designed for students. Class visits are staffed by parent volunteers. To help fund the library, a book fair is held each year, which allows us to obtain new materials.

Cafetorium and Waldhart Theatre

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton has a beautiful cafetorium, stage, and sound system where concerts, plays, and other events are held. The cafetorium also serves as our lunchroom and is used for other school related events, meetings, and aftercare. School breakfasts and lunches are made on-site daily in our school kitchen.


Our kitchen is a full-service facility and is very suitable to the home-style breakfast and lunch program which is provided.  In addition to providing breakfast and lunch daily, the kitchen is used for other school functions, dinners, and fundraisers.


Our STEAM Lab is fully equipped with up-to-date lab stations, microscopes, engineering kits, tools, 3D printers, and a variety of other equipment and supplies that enable students to become involved in their own science learning and discovery. Our science teachers use a variety of teaching strategies and believe in hands-on science experiences.  STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) principles are an integral part of our science and enrichment programs.

Seton Chapel

Our Seton Chapel is a peaceful place for prayer and reflection. Perfectly sized for individual prayer or a private conversation, the chapel is open to staff and students daily.