4K and Kindergarten

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton has a half-day and full-day 4K program as well as a full-day kindergarten program. Our 4K and kindergarten programs are based on the principles of play-based learning with both child-initiated and teacher-supported curriculum. Through play-based learning, students learn basic social skills like sharing and taking turns. Involvement in play-based learning also stimulates a child’s drive for exploration and discovery while supporting positive attitudes toward learning. Students in kindergarten have the opportunity to participate in enrichment. All students in our early childhood programs have access to SmartBoard technology, iPads, and virtual learning with SWIVL robots as needed. 

Elementary Grades 1 and 2

Our elementary program in grades 1 and 2 focuses primarily on literacy and math while incorporating other content areas such as science and social studies. Students in grade 2 prepare for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. Students in grades 1 and 2 have the opportunity to participate in enrichment. All students at this level have access to SmartBoard technologies as well as one to one iPad technology. Virtual learning is available with SWIVL robots as needed. 

Grades 3 through 5

The upper elementary program at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in grades 3 through 5 includes all curriculum areas. Students at this level have opportunities to participate in choir, band, athletics, enrichment, and advanced math. Classrooms have either SmartBoard technologies or SMART televisions. All students have access to one to one technology in the form of iPads or Chromebooks. Virtual learning is available with SWIVL robots as needed.

Middle School

Our middle school program is designed with three grade-level homerooms. Students switch classes throughout the day and meet with teachers who specialize in their curriculum areas. Students in middle school have opportunities to participate in choir, band, athletics, enrichment, and advanced math in addition to the regular curriculum. All rooms are equipped with SMART televisions and students have one to one Chromebook technology. SWIVL robots are available for virtual learning as needed.

Core Curriculum

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is proud to provide academic excellence with a faith-based education for our students. Our core curriculum consists of math, science, social studies, reading, language arts, religion, handwriting (elementary grades only), Spanish (1-8), and guidance (beginning in 2021).

We offer special education services for students with mild to moderate needs, as well as an enrichment program and advanced math.


Our Spanish curriculum begins in grade 1 and is designed to teach the language, cultures, customs, and holidays through a variety of methods and opportunities. These activities help our students gain an appreciation for the Spanish culture. No matter your child's level of Spanish, our teacher can modify the curriculum to ensure your child is not left behind.


Our enrichment program provides qualifying students in grades K-8 with a STEAM project-based learning opportunity that extends beyond our regular curriculum. Students learn in small, multi-age groups to solve real-world problems using STEAM strategies, research, and presentation. Enrichment takes place as part of our regular school day.

Advanced Math

Our advanced math program provides qualifying students in grades 4 through 8 an opportunity to work at a higher math level. Advanced math students who graduate from Seton Catholic after 8th grade will have completed 9th grade geometry. In some cases, students in grades 1 through 3 may also receive advanced math modifications.

Intervention and Special Education

The special education and intervention programs at Seton School strive to provide academic and social-emotional skills and development. We utilize various strategies and supports both inside and outside of the general education classroom.  

To meet academic and social-emotional needs we may use all or some of the following:

  • In classroom support
  • Pull out of the classroom 
  • Individual support
  • Small-Group support
  • Academic support
  • Social-Emotional support
  • Modifications within the general education setting



Our music curriculum begins in 4K. For our early learners, we encourage movement, song, and beginning instrument work.  Students learn listening skills, rhythm, and basic music reading skills. Students in grades 3 through 8 may also join choir.  Our band program begins in grade 4. Middle school students also learn to play tone chimes. There are two annual concerts and students have other performance opportunities.


Beyond the core basics of art, the art program at Seton Catholic includes work in ceramics with our on-site kiln. Students also study art history, the artists, and their paintings. We introduce the students to the world of art and art appreciation.

Physical Education

Physical education begins in 4K and stresses cooperation, sportsmanship, and exercise.  The primary grade students work on physical activity skills, reinforced with organized games. Middle school students learn and improve advanced skills and incorporate these into games and tournament play.



St. Elizabeth Ann Seton participates in a planning and accreditation process. We are accredited through the Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s OSCYM (Office for Schools, Child, & Youth Ministries) and WRISA (Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Accreditation). The standards of the OSCYM reflect the requirements for Catholic schools as stated in the policies, regulations, and statutes of the Wisconsin Catholic Conference of Bishops, the policies and regulations for the OSCYM and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Every year schools submit the Annual Standards for Accreditation form and the Personnel Standards form to the OSCYM for review by the Accreditation Review Board. Every seven years, schools submit documentation for the Accreditation Standards to the OSCYM. A team comprised of principals, teachers, and other qualified personnel, along with a resource staff of the OSCYM, visits the school and reviews the documentation of the Standards. The team also reviews compliance with the WRISA criteria for accreditation.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is fully compliant in meeting Archdiocesan Standards for Accreditation.