2021-2022 School Year Plan

School Operations 

● Pre-COVID/”regular” school schedules, events, and activities 

● Elimination of social distancing restrictions such as cohorting and 6’ distancing 

● Buildings will be reopened to visitors and classroom volunteers

● Field trips will be allowed

Face Coverings 

● Face coverings are optional indoors and outdoors for students, staff, and visitors

● Federal law requires that face coverings are worn on buses (i.e., field trips)

Virtual Learning 

● A virtual learning option will be provided for UPPER ELEMENTARY and MIDDLE SCHOOL students ONLY who are homebound with illness and who have signed code of conduct agreement on file (coming soon)

    *Quarantine due to positive COVID test – link provided within 24 hours of parent notification to the school

    *NON-COVID illnesses – link provided within 24 hours of parent notification to the school

    *Extended medical absence (e.g., surgery) – provided medical excuse

    *Not available for absences due to vacation

● This access will be synchronous “view only” of classroom teacher rather than enable interaction with teacher and the classroom (***virtual students will not have access to all courses that are offered to in-person students)

  Virtual students will not be eligible for in-person extra-curricular activities that day

Mitigation Measures 

● Cleaning and maintaining healthy facilities 

● Periodic disinfecting of common touch points during the day, deep cleaning as needed

● Handwashing and respiratory etiquette

● Hand sanitizer available in every classroom 

Contact Tracing and Quarantining

● Parents will be notified if a student in a specific classroom has tested positive for COVID. Families can then determine if they will practice self-quarantining

● A dashboard will be maintained and updated daily to monitor reported COVID cases in the building

● Students who test positive for COVID will follow health department guidelines for quarantining (7 day quarantine with a negative test or full 10 day quarantine without a test)